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The XTREME series concentrates all that is needed in a really PRO amplifier: durability, large dynamic range of output, excellent power supply, efficient protection circuits, etc., because this series has the most innovative electronic designs including technologies class AB, B, H, voltage feedback circuits, current feedback and digital computer, especially designed to prevent damage from overheating, overload and short circuits in the output.

Each and every one of the units has been designed, analyzed and tested by our qualified technical team, in order to guarantee the quality and consistency of the XTREME series.

Output power 8 ohm stereo
1140 W x 2
Output power 4 ohm stereo
1681 W x 2
Output power 2 ohm stereo
No soportado
Output power 8 ohm bridge
3362 W
Output power 4 ohm bridge
No soportado
Input sensitivity
0,775 V
Frequency response
10 Hz - 20.0000 Hz
S/N Ratio
108 dB
0,05 %
Input connectors
XLR3 Balanceados
Output connectors
Potencia: SLN4. Link: Jack ¼
Forzada con velocidad variable
Power supply
110 V / 220 V AC 50 Hz
Dimensions (AlxAnxPr)
483 x 88 x 455 mm
30 kg

  • High efficiency power supply.
  • High S/N ratio.
  • Input gain (0.755 V, 20x / 40x).
  • Floating mass switch.
  • Voltage feedback circuit.
  • Ventilation with automatic speed adaptable to temperature and power.
  • Thermal protection.
  • Protection against overloads, active softclip mode.
  • Protection against short circuits.
  • Softstart.
  • Protection against reduction of the output load.
  • Powercon network connector.

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