Professional Audio

WPE 5000


2-Channels digital audio processor.

Procesador digital de audio. 24 bit/48 KHz.  2 Canales. Eq gráfico y paramétrico, Antifeedback, Delay, Puerta de ruido.

Its a full station of digital signal processing. Includes in device functions like parametric equalizer,feedback supression,limiter or delay. WPE allows to equalize a room with the inner noise generator, create custom EQ and store them, insert specific filters or create delay effects.

ConnectorsEntrada audio: 2 x XLR3, 2 x Jack 1/4" TRS, 1 x Mic In. Salida audio: 2 x XLR3, 2 x Jack 1/4" TRS, Terminales. MIDI: In, Out, Thru. Alimentación: 1 x IEC.

Converters 24-bit AD / DA and dual DSP for high dynamic range and high resolution.
Dual 31-Band graphic equalizer.
Access Scanner and 10 reports of use.
6 Additional bands of parametric EQ and Notch Filter (1/60 octave bandwidth).
Feedback supressor with signal analyzer.
Brick-wall limiter digital integrated that protects the system against dangerous levels of sound pressure.
Integrated Delay up to 2.5 seconds in steps selectable by seconds .


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