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6 channels chaser

DMX lighting system with 6 channels chaser and dimmer with 5 A. Integrated in a bar to be placed on lifting tower, incorporating an insert and fixings spots. This highly functional set provides a system of integrated lighting( power control and each channel spots up to 2 levels).Include a chaser mode with 16 pre-recorded programs, executables in various ways, easily selectable: Manual, Audio and Auto.Thanks to the interactive menu and display, dimming mode allows manual and individual settings on each channel, as well as ,the start of functions such as fade time, preheating, speed or program to run.

The unit also allows external dimming control via the DMX interface with 2 modes: normal (output reacts to the input signal level) or cross (the channel is turned on or off depending on the level is higher or lower than 50% ).

DMX and dimmer with 6 channels and up to 5 A each channel ( max. 16 A total).
Include 16 chase programs.
MIDI interface.
Interconnection between units available.
Configurable channel parameters.
Additional power socket schuko.
Fader and preheat time control.
Address variable trigger chase.
Manual cancellation.
Internal microphone for audio sync.
Memory against power supply failure.
Main supply: 230 V AC 50 Hz.
Dimensions ( W x H x D): 2000 x 60 x 80 mm.
Weight: 7,4 Kg

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