DMX controller.

STAGE 2412 DMXis a conventional lighting console featuring 24 control channels that can be divided in 2 x12 to create 2 different scenes and switch them with a single crossfader movement.

Its internal memory, with 96 programs ( 12 factory) and 489 steps each, 4.600 steps in total. Its backup allows storing many configurations of scenes and chases for different events. It is possible to get access to its memory and edit parameters.
User can choose between many modes to trigger chases: Speed control, Audio mode, Standard Beat function or MIDI (in this case, each MIDI channel represents a channel of the console, so it is possible to transfer data from an external MIDI device).

Its memory against current failures ensures that the console will maintain the position of the show. Its rubber shock protection guarantees that it will not suffer any damage during transport and live shows. It can also be fixed to a rack.

Master Carton0.670.500.4317.82
24 DMX control channels for conventional lighting.
96 programs with 48 steps each , total 4600 steps
Flashes switches for all channels.
Fade time control: from 0 to 10 min.
Memory against current failures.
Speed, audio, MIDI and Tap Sync synchronization.
Output for fog machine trigger.
Password to avoid any undesired external manipulations.
Main supply: DC 12-20 V, 500 mA (power supply unit included).
Dimensions (WxHxD): 530 x 330 x120 mm.
Weight : 4,3 kg

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