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DMX controller with dimmer.

This unique device combines a controller and a 12 channel DMX dimmer: it results particularly convenient for users that will take advantage of its portability, capacity to create and edit control programs and its own dimmer for direct connection to lighting systems.

Regarding lighting control, it has the same features as STAGE 1624 DMX but with 12 channels, supplying up to 8 factory preset programs and 16 others for user configurations. Each channel has a flash button to switch it on/off and for manual mode. A keyboard and a remote control unit can also be connected to the device to realize switching functions. Programs allow speed synchronization with internal speed, Tap Sync function, audio synchronization system (thanks to the internal microphone) or even with MIDI function.

Regarding power section, 5 A output current per channel (with schuko connectors featuring protection lid and individual fuse) ensures the perfect operation of connected fixtures. A DMX output is also available for additional dimmers.

12 DMX control channels for conventional lighting.
24 programs: 16 (user) + 8 (preset).
Flash button for each channel.
Memory against power supply failure.Speed, audio, MIDI and Tap Sync synchronization.
Connection for external foot switch and fog machine trigger.
DMX polarity selector.Password to avoid any undesired external manipulations.
Connection for remote control (switch Off/On).
Output channel: 5 A.
Main supply: 2 phases, AC 230 V 16 A /phase max. (Phase A: channels 1 to 6 / Phase B: channels 7 to 12).
Dimensions (WxHxD): 483 x 266 x 182 mm.
Weight: 8.6 kg.

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