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DJ mixer 2 channels.

SION 702 USB is a mixer in small format with all the controls and functions that every DJ need. It has two MP3 players with USB, SD and Bluetooth(only available in channel 1) inputs.

It has 3 channels and the possibility to connect up to 9 sources (4 lines, 2 phonos, microphone and 2 MP3 players). It has balanced output (Master), and Rec and Booth outputs.

The front panel has a 20 led vumeter, 3-band equalizer, talk over button and microphone equalizer (bass and treble), master level and booth level, as well as fine level adjustment of headphones.

Frequency response:  20Hz - 20kHz   -/+2dB
Distortion:                          <0.02dB
S/N:                                      >85dB
Headphone impedance: 16 Ohm
Equalizer:                           Treble (+12dB/-12dB) 
                                             Middle (+12dB/-12dB)
                                             Bass (+12dB/-12dB)        
                                             Microphone: Treble (+12dB/-12dB) Bass (+12dB/-12dB)
Entradas:                            Input 1:         Line1 and Phono2 (2xRCA) con selector de fuente
                                                                    Línea2 (1xRCA)
                                             Entrada 2: Línea y Phono (2xRCA)
                                             Micrófono con conexión de entrada XLR3
                                             2 reproductores MP3 (USB, SD, Bluetooth)
Salidas:                               Rec y Master (2xRCA)        
                                             Salida balanceada (2xXLR) (Master)    
                                             Booth (2xJack 1/4'')
Potencia:                            17 W
Dimensiones (AnxAlxPr): 264 x 85 x 200 mm
Peso:                                    2.4 Kg

  • DJ mixer with USB, Bluetooth and SD card slots, LCD Display and MP3 controls buttons.
  • Two dual input stereo channels with gain and 3 band EQ.
  • One microphone input (XLR 3).
  • Crossfader function.
  • PFL function with master/pfl mix option.
  • Peak-hold level meter with dedicated PFL vumeter.
  • Balanced output (Master), and Booth and Record outputs.
  • Super-rugged construction ensures long life.


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