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Amplifier with mixer and player

PA 60 USB / R is a 100 V 60 W line or low impedance installation amplifier with 5-input mixer, audio player / recorder on USB / SD support up to 32 GB, so it is possible to record messages and store them for use later. The mixer has independent volume control, master control and tone control (treble / bass). It has a Pre-out output to send the mixed signal to an external amplification system. It includes a push button for the siren and a Tel / Emer connection for the broadcasting of messages with priority over all entrances. In addition, it has emergency power terminals (24 V DC).


  • 2 19-inch rack units.
  • USB / SD / MMC recorder / player.
  • Telephone / emergency connection for paging and communications functions.
  • +17 V phantom power.
TypeLow impedance (8 Ohm), Line 25/70/100 V
Power60 W @ 8 Ohm, L25/70/100V
Input Sensitvity1mV (Mic), 178 mV (Line), 200 mV (Aux1), 630 mV (Aux2), 1V (Power In), 100 mV (Telephone)
Input Impedance250 Ohm (Mic), 47 KOhm (Line, Aux, Power In), 600 Ohm (Telephone)
Connectors4 x XLR3 (MIC), 2 pairs x RCA (AUX IN), 1 pair x RCA (Tape Out), Terminals (Speakers)
ControlsIndependent gain for mic and aux inputs. Tone control for bass and treble, master control.
Frequency Response50-20000 Hz (Line), 60-15000 Hz (Mic), 200 Hz - 10 kHz (Tel)
THD+N<1% @ 1KHz
S/N ratio>75 dB (Line), >60 dB (MIC)
Phantom Power+17 V ± 1V
Other functionsMP3 / WMA player (USB / SD), 2 tones (´Ding-dong´ tone for warning prior to communication), Priority channel Tel / Emergency
Power supply115/230 V AC - 50/50 Hz. 24V - 4A
Consumption200 W
Dimensions483 x 44 x 260 mm
Weight8 Kg

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