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USB player. Radio streaming. DAB/DAB+. FM radio. WiFi. RS232 port

This is a full-featured audio player that offers users the possibility to play different audios: Thousands of streaming radio stations, thanks to the WiFi and LAN connection. Conventional FM radio stations (BNC antenna connection). DAB/DAB+ radio station with digital quality. Audio files from Web servers, PC, etc. Audio files from external storage devices, using the USB port.

Its big LCD screen provides all the information about network configuration, playing modes, as well as information regarding the station or the played files. To select and navigate through the menu, users have at their disposal an encoder with a confirmation button, which makes this device much simpler and easier to handle. Multiplayer 12 WEB adds a RS232 port in order to control the unit via external commands, as well as an auxiliary input (LINE level) and headphones outputs. In the rear panel, the multiplayer incorporates emergency power supply terminals (DC 12V / 2A).

Users can search streaming radio stations using the many parameters available (country, genre, etc.). It is possible to save stations as favorite for a quick access. Conventional FM radio stations are also available and users can save up to 10 stations (direct access from the remote control). These functions are also available in the DAB/DAB+ digital stations. Thanks to the media operating mode (full integration in LAN or WiFi network), it is possible to connect Multiplayer 12 Web to a Web server or a PC and get access to their audio files. It is an opportunity to centralize all the audio files in a same place. In case there is no internet connection, users can connect an external storage device to the USB port available on the front panel. In addition to clock/calendar, this device incorporates two versatile alarms fully configurable (schedule, frequency, mode, volume, etc.) and timer with several presets (up to one hour).

Power supply: AC 220-240V 50/60 Hz.
Dimensions: 483 x 44 x 320 mm.
Weight: 2 kg.
Master Carton0.340.620.5516.44
FM tuner, radio streaming, DAB/DAB+ and media player.
2,4 GHz WiFi or LAN network connection.
Media files player linked to the same network
Frontal USB port to play external files.
8 equalization levels + one selected by the user.
Encoder navigation.
Several parameters for searching for radio station (country, genre, historical, etc.).
10 setting FM conventional radio station memories.
Unbalanced RCA output.
RS232 interface and AUX input.
Headphones output.
Emergency power supply terminals (DC 12V / 2A).

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