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This powerful and versatile moving head adds 12 QuadColor of 10W each one divided into the three primary colours (RGB) and white in the same LED, offering a homogeneous mix and a wide range of bright colours. Its high brightness allows to use it to replace conventional lighting adding advantages such as a saving in the power, the absence of heat and the lifetime of the product. Besides, considering that it is amobile device, it has a wide variety of possible applications.

Its high efficacy motors provide flowing and quiet movements. It has several working modes: DMX (with configuration for 11 channels), Auto (thanks to its internal programs and micro included), and Master/Slave. Among the included functions, stands out the possibility to control the speed of execution of the programs, inversion of PAN/TILT movements and the display, adjust of the colour temperature and strobe. Besides, it has different dimmer speeds which are totally adjustable.

Every function and configuration can be selected using its interface which has access buttons to menu and a big display. Its robust handles allow an easy use and transport.

It adds a double fixation system, allowing to place it in a truss or over the floor.

Web textMOVILED 1210 B MKII es una cabeza móvil que incluye 12 LEDs RGBW 4 en 1 de 10W cada uno. Esta serie de brillantes LEDs permite obtener un rico espectro de colores mezclando R, G, B, W. Sus motores de alta calidad ofrecen movimientos suaves en 8 y 16 bits con amplio desplazamiento. La interfaz de configuración tiene una pantalla con toda la información y botones para navegar a través de los menús, seleccionando parámetros tales como: Pan / Tilt reverse, inversión de pantalla, sensibilidad de audio o función de reinicio. El dispositivo incluye el modo DMX (14 canales) con movimientos básicos, dimerización de los colores básicos (con función de mezcla) y función estrobo.
  • Moving head of 12 Quadcolor LEDs (RGBW) x 10W
  • Control: DMX, Auto, Manualand audio (included micro).
  • DMX channels: 15 channels
  • PAN: 630°
  • TILT: 200°
  • Number of programs: 8 programs


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