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LED Moving Head

MOVILED 105/4 is an innovative moving head, the last design and development in smart and efficient products, elegant design that add together the high technology from the latest and actual light devices.

Moving Head LED (7 LEDs RGBW 4 in 1) 15W e/o.
Beam angles: 5°.
PAN/TILT movement: 540°/270° (8 and 16 bits).
Configuration tactile screen.
Adjustments: White balance, check time, configuration levels, axis inversion.
Control: DMX (3 modes: 18, 20 and 44 channels).
Functions: Strobe, programs (15 programs), rainbow.
Power Supply: AC 110/230V 50/60 Hz.
Dimensions: 337x 256x 352 mm.
Weight: 15.2 Kg.
Rack not included.

MOVILED 105/4 use 7 brilliant RGBW LEDs (4 in 1) 15W e/o. Thanks to the meticulous design, is possible obtains a pure light mix and individual adjustments in the intensity of every colour as R,G,B and White. Intuitive menu, with it is possible execute the include programs, different audio configurations or while the slave-master. It contains the rainbow effect, variable strobes and dimmer levels.
MOVILED 105/4 has a fast move response, it resist the strong impacts and a good heat dispel. The MOVILED 105/4 applications rank is large, install the unity is simple and easy, and it can be used in big stages as fixed elements, theatre stages, light, stadiums, TV sets, speech room, pubs, dancefloors,..

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