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MF 1501 DRG


The MF 1501 DRG is a 1500W fog machine

The MF 1501 DRG is a 1500W fog machine, whose principal feature is that the frontal part of it is able to be folding, and allows direct the fog produced in an adjustable angle between 0 and 180°.

Power: 1500W.
Warm Up: 4 min.
Output: 20.000 Cuft/min.
Tank capacity: 5 l.
DMX control: 1 control channel.
Power Supply: AC 230V 50/60Hz.
Dimensions: 510 x 375 x 250 mm.
Weight: 8.7 kg.
The control of the device can be realized using DMX signal (1 channel to configure the control using a dip-switches block) or by a remote control (external receiver connect to the device), and also the manual shoot.
Just loosen the pressure nuts that blocks the frontal part of the unity, is possible direct the fog independently to fix the device on a truss or on the floor.

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