Lifters and Truss

M 501


Winch for 500 kg. Suitable for: LW 255D, LW 185D, LW 265D

Maximum Load500 Kg

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Related Products

  • LW 185 D
    Telescopic lifting tower. Maximum load: 210 Kg. Maximum height: 5.3 m. Weight: 73 Kg.
  • LW 255R
    Telescopic lifters
  • LW 265 D
    Torre de elevación telescópica. Carga máxima: 220 Kg. Altura máxima: 6.5 m. Peso: 93 Kg.
  • LW 265R
    Telescopic lifter

Alternative Products

  • M 1200
    Winch 1200 kg. Suitable for: WTS 905, WTS 708, WTS 1206
  • M 351
    Winch 350 kg.Suitable for: LW 155D.
  • M 901
    Winch for 900 kg. Suitable for: LW 290D, WTS 506
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