Lifters and Truss

LW 415R


Pro lifting tower

The first lifting tower of the 400 series. LW 415 R is the first model of the 400 series. It has been designed to lift lightweight lighting material. A great solution for small/medium sized installations.

Like all the lifters of the 400 series, LW 415 R provides maximum convenience to users, as loads are lifted directly from floor level.

All components are manufactured according to DIN standards using high quality materials. LW 415R is mounted on castors making on-site movement and transport easier.

LW 415 R is available in finish.

Weight: 89 kg (196.21 Lb).
Min load: 30 kg (66.14 Lb).
Max load: 170 kg (374.79 Lb).
Min height: 1.90 m (6.23 ft).
Max height: 5 m (16.4 ft).
Unfolded base: 2.18 x 1.28 m (7.15 x 7.15 ft).
Folded base: 0.51 x 0.48 m (1.67 x 1.57 ft).

Truss adapters for a convenient lifting of any truss.
"M" adapters to lift cylinder material.
Composition: 6 x 19+1.
Diameter: 5 mm.
Resistance: 1770 N / mm2.
Drum diameter capacity: 48 mm.
Reduction range: 3.75 : 1.
Norms and certifications:
Lifter: CE; BGV C1.
Winch: 2006/43 EG; EN 1357; EN 12100.

Three profiles made of extruded aluminium.
Powerful, oversized auto-locking bolts.
Dual reinforcing bars behind the lifter for additional reinforcement.
Castors at the base of the lifter.
Available colours: Silver metal and black.
Dual reinforcing bars at the back of the tower help to withstand the weight of the load during operation.
Powerful oversized locking bolts designed to support heavier loads with ease during lifting operations.
WORK® cares particularly for the quality of automatic brake winches manufactured to standard VGB 8/10.93 as a norm.
LW 415 R features an integral spirit level for safety ensuring lifter balance. Protects the load against involuntary movement during lifting operation.
All lifters from the 400 series are fitted with castors making movement effortless.
Like for all the lifters of the 400 series, four wheels have been added at the base of the lifter to move it easily.
Convenient stowing bracket for stabilizer legs during transportation.
Oversized heavy duty steel cable designed to withstand repeated fold/unfold operations with ease - Cable guard guides and protect cables from damage and injury.


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