LED Driver

LM 4 Poweris the first LED driver designed to work through Ethernet network. It associates in a unique device 2 powerful tools:
- LED driver through ArtNet.
- LED driver through DMX.

Advantages of such a combination are obvious, as it allows almost any RGB LED installations:
- In conventional lighting installations, by connecting a DMX consol to LM 4 Power input (DMX mode).
- In integrated lighting system installations working in an Ethernet network, with several DMX universes (ArtNet mode).

Configuration of both DMX and ArtNet modes is very easy and allows saving many time in installation:
- Through DMX mode, user only has to indicate DMX start address.
- Through ArtNet mode, using DIP-switch to select Subnet mask and universe (as well as DMX start address).

LM 4 Poweralso stands out for the output power it can manage: it features independent colour channels divided in 2 RGB outputs with a maximum load of 15 A. Associated with its great control capabilities and its very small size,LM 4 Powercan be considered as an adequate solution for any lighting installation.

Power supply12-24 V DC
Maximum Load30 A
ModesDMX, ArtNet
DMX channels6
ConnectionsSalida: terminales. DMX In: XLR 3. ArtNet: RJ45.

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