LED projector

This LED projector is made up of 18 LEDs of 3W each one divided into the primary colours RGB. Its strong brightness makes it suitable to be placed in installations that were using traditional lighting with the advantage of saving power, generated heat and lifetime ot the projector.

LED SPOT 183 has different control modes: DMX (with configuration for 3 and 7 channels), Auto (thanks to its internal programs and included microphone) and Master/Slave. Among its functions, stands out the possibility to control the running speed of the programs, colour fading and strobe.

Every function and configurations can be set by its interface which adds buttons to access the menu and big display. It also has two handles, making possible to instal it in a truss or over the floor.

Number of LEDs:18 LEDs x 3W (6R + 6G +6B).
Control: DMX, Auto, Manual and Audio (micro included).
DMX Channels: two modes (3 channels and 7 channels).
Consumption: 75W.
Main supply: AC 110-250V, 50/60 Hz.
Dimensions:240 x 192 x 260 mm.
Weight:1,8 kg.

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