Voltage regulator

EST 1K maintains a constant output supply when voltage oscillates between 140 and 250 V AC. Allows 1000 AV load connection.

It features different protections to ensure output signal integrity: protections against overvoltage, overload, or short circuits . Also has a circuit braker on its rear panel. To avoid noises coming from ON/OFF switch, it also features a time delay circuit (3 or 6 sec.), after this time, normal operating mode starts automatically. A large display shows the information regarding devices status, like input, output and current voltage.

Power supplyAC 140 V - 250 V.
Output voltage115V / 230V, 50 / 60 Hz
ConnectionsAlimentación entrada: 1 x schuko con cable incorporado. Alimentación salida: 1 x schuko.
ControlsInterruptor de encendido, Selector de voltaje, Selector de retardo. Selector de precisión.
ProtectionsSobretensión, Sobrecarga, Cortocircuitos en la salida.
Maximum Load1000 VA
Output voltage precision+/-3%.
IndicatorsDisplay: Voltaje de entrada, Corriente, Voltaje de salida.
Switchable delay3 ó 6 segundos.
Master Carton0.580.430.2023.96
Control and regulation by microprocessor (MPU).
Large LCD screen.
High accuracy regulation.
Protections against overvoltage, overload or output short circuit.
3 seconds time delay.

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