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DWP 1700


Class D amplifier

The series of digital amplifiers DWP allows greater efficiency and power to the loudspeakers with a remarkable heat dissipation. One of the most notable characteristics of the DWP series is that the efficiency is independent of the output level. Conventional amplifiers achieve their highest efficiency only when operating at the maximum output power level, generating 10 times more heat than the amplifiers of the DWP series at the same sound level.

Its internal technology maintains high reliability, small size, light weight and high efficiency. Its converters operate as high frequency sampling, converting the variable amplitude signal into a sequence of pulses with a value equal to the audio input. Thanks to the reduction of the heat generated in the output along with the reduction of weight and its high power output characteristics, these amplifiers can be used in a large number of applications such as concert tours, theaters, cinemas, theme parks or venues. sound.

On the front panel are located the gain controls and signaling system with LEDs of up to 3 different colours depending on the operating status. These amplifiers have several protection systems including mute on/off, protection against short circuits, thermal and DC output.

Output power 8 ohms stereo mode
500 W x2
Output power 4 ohms stereo mode
850 W x2
Output power 2 ohms stereo mode
1500 W x2
Output power 8 ohms bridge mode
1700 W
Output power 4 ohms bridge mode
3000 W
0.775 V
Input connectors
Female XLR3
Link connectors
Male XLR3 /Jack
Ground switches
Output connectors
Power supply
Soft start
Power mode
483 x 431 x 89 mm
9.5 kg

  • Class D amplifier.
  • High power in an enclosure with only 9.5 kg of weight.
  • High frequency sampling.
  • 3 operating modes: stereo, paralleland bridge.
  • Protection against short circuits.
  • Supports 2 ohm loads.
  • Balanced XLR inputs.


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