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DM 390 C


Electret microphone. Phantom supply 48V or 15V battery

DM 390C is a professionalcondensermicrophone with cardioid pattern, flat frequency response and consistent sensitivity through frequency range. The microphone is designed for stage and studio, providing the ultimate combination of excellent, highly detailed electronic and exceptional ruggedness. The cardioid polar pattern focuses on the desired sound source while rejecting unwanted ambient noise and feedback. The microphone body is durable metal construction and perfect weight distribution ensure fatigue-free handling. The body incorporates the electronic and features a low impedance balanced XLR connector. The cartridge type is electret, special low-mass diaphragm with is only 2 micro thick, providing superior response without distortion. It can be supplied with phantom power (DC 48V) and 1.5V battery. Includes XLR / XLR male-female 5m cable length.

Short Feature 1Conector de salida XLR.
Short Feature 2Robusto diseño y construcción para un resultado fiable.
Short Feature 3Salida balanceada de baja impedancia.
Short Feature 4Cápsula electret con diafragma de baja masa para una respuesta superior sin distorsión.
Short Feature 5Alimentación phantom de 48V DC.
Short Feature 6Pinza y antisoplo incluidos.
Short Feature 7Maletín de transporte.
Catalogue textDM 390 C MKII es un micrófono de condensador profesional para voz e instrumentos con patrón cardioide, frecuencia de respuesta plana y sensibilidad consistente con el rango de frecuencia. El micrófono está diseñado para escenario y estudio proporcionando la combinación de una excelente y altamente detallada electrónica y excepcional construcción. El cuerpo del micrófono es de construcción metálica muy duradera y un peso perfectamente equilibrado, lo que asegura un manejo sin fatigas.

XLR balanced connector.
ON/OFF switch.
Rugged design and construction for reliable performance.
Low impedance balanced output.
Electret cartridge with low-mass diaphragm for a superior response without distortion.
Power supply by 1.5 V battery or DC 48V phantom power.
Cable 5m XLR / XLR included.


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