RGB LED lamp

COLOURIZER CR consists of a lamp with a RGB LED of high brightness and intensity (5W of power), which has 16 fixed colors, including the three primary colors and mixtures between them, in addition to 4 modes of color change to be able to be selected.

All these color changes are made by pressing the button of the desired key in an IR remote control, in addition from the controller it is possible to vary the fade speed of the built-in chases. The signal coming from the IR command is interpreted by COLOURIZER CR CONTROL BOX, which changes the color of all the COLOURIZER CR connected. COLOURIZER CR AMPLIFIER allows to feed up to 5 COLOURIZER CR units in a line of this type of LED lamps.

This facility in the change of tonality without the use of controllers that require a programming allows to make fast installations, simplifying the control. Thanks to its dimensions, it is possible to integrate these units in a facility that provides specific chromatic environments such as in rooms, exhibitions, corridors, shop windows, etc.

  • LEDs: 1 LED RGB.
  • Consumption: 5 W.
  • Power supply: 5 V DC.
  • Beam angle: 20°.
  • Lighting (white): 1400 Lux @ 30 cm.
  • Dimensions: 45 x Ø 50 mm.

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