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Self-powered subwoofer + 4 satellites + rigging frame. Amplifier 1000+650+150W

ARION 5 is a self-powered three-way line array. Each top unit, SL 25, features two 5.25'' transducers in a bass reflex enclosure. The high frenquencies are reproduced by a 2.2'' diameter ring radiator driver featuring a polymer membrane. The bass enclosure uses one 15'' transducer, 3.5'' voicecoil, to reproduce the very low end.

The compression driver radiates over the new VI-5 waveguide wich provides a perfect vertical coupling between the high frequencies of the different SL 25 units.

The digital signal processing has been carefully designed to provide excellent uniformity of the horizontal coverage, keeping the frequency balance unchanged at the listening angles.

ARION 5, comprised of four units SL 25 and one SL 115 SA, features powerful digital signal processing, which provides the filtering and the necessary corrections of magnitude and phase to the transducers in order to obtain a faithful sound. From the backside of the subwoofer SL 115 SA you can choose between three presets: Normal, Voice and Loudness, and also adjust the balance between the tops and the subwoofer via two knobs labeled Bass and Treble.

The power is provided by one Class D amplifier with 1000W peak for the Low frequencies, 650W peak for the Mid frequencies and 150W peak for the Highs, which incorporate thermal and overload protections. Independent RMS and peak limiters are used on each way.


Interview  J La Roda. ISE Amsterdam 2020

Horizontal coverage140º
  • Self-powered three-way line array.
  • Corporate events & mid-size installations.
  • 140° horizontal coverage.
  • 1000Wpeak LF Class D amplifier.
  • 650Wpeak MF Class D amplifier.
  • 150Wpeak HF Class D amplifier.
  • Three presets available.

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